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The Plush Room is a small start up Indie music blog. We began out of the basement of Jade Hillary in Greenville, South Carolina. The Plush Room came about in 2015. We strive to draw in those who are already linked to the Indie music scene, as well as find a following who may not be familiar. This site is not a closed club and we accept people of all ages, genders, and race!

On our site, you will find up and coming artists, new music videos, a listing of shows in the Southeast, a listing of upcoming music festivals, and a weekly feature article from our owner and Senior Editor, Jade Hillary. While our site is limited to the Southeast at the moment, our hopes are to become a nationwide source for people to discover new music and stay up to date on the scene. When Jade first thought of creating this blog, she gained inspiration from well known music blogs that offered so much on a wide spectrum of the Indie music scene. However, she thought that there needed to be a more personalized music blog that wasn't necessarily overwhelming.

Each week we will release a feature article. This article will typically pertain to a specific up and coming artist, trends in the music scene, and just Editor thoughts for the week. While we are still a startup, we would like to take advice and suggestions from our followers. We will be adding a link in the coming weeks where you can anonymously send an email directly to the Editor. Afterall, our blog is what you make it!

Under our videos section, we will post five videos per week. Under each video we will give a brief bio on the artist and provide a link where you can find more of their music. While most of these videos will be new Indie music videos, we will once a month be doing a throwback week. During each throwback week we will post Indie music ranging from late 80s-Early 2000s. Under our shows tab you will be able to find the dates, times, and specific venues where you can check out local shows. There will also be a continously updated list of music festivals to keep an eye out for. Under our up and coming artists tab, you will find two to four new artists per week that we feature. This will include a bio, a link to their social media, and a link to their music.

We thank you for taking time to check out our new music blog. We are dedicated to our followers and all the great musicians who make the Indie music scene what it is today! Our hope is to find a way to reach all of those who share a passion for this music in the Southeast. If you would like to know more about the growing Indie music scene across America check out Music Cities in America

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